Gomantak Marathi Academy

Gomantak Marathi Academy
Marathi Academy is an institute registered under Societies Registration Act 1860. It is functioning for the development of Marathi Language in the state by undertaking various schemes such as Publication of Books, Dramas, Poetry, Essay Competition at various academic levels, Compilation of Literate of Goan Marathi writers, etc. This Directorate releases a yearly grant to this institution. Rs. 30 Lakhs were released in the financial year 2008-2009 and in the current year Rs.30 lakhs have been earmarked for release to the Academy.
One time Grant to Gomantak Marathi Academy towards the construction of Marathi Bhavan:
In the year 2003-04 Department of Education had released an amount of Rs.25 Lakhs. In the year 2004-05, this Directorate released Rs.50 Lakhs and Rs.25 Lakhs in the year 2008-09. So far Marathi Akademi has received an amount of Rs. 1 Crore towards the construction of the Marathi Bhavan. For the year 2011-12 Rs 40 Lakhs has been sanctioned to Gomantak Marathi Academy
The government has constituted a committee of Legislators to see the affairs and grievances of Gomantak Marathi Akademi in the public interest.
Grants-in-aid to Gomantak Marathi Akademi for the year 2013-14 Government has been earmarked 100.00lakhs. At present salary component of the staff of Gomantak Marathi Akademi is released.