Directorate of Official Language

Performance budget

2010 -2011

The Directorate of Official Language was established by Government of Goa in the year 2004 with responsibilities to implement the Official Language Act 1987 and implement schemes for development of languages prevalent in the State.


In order to achieve the objective the Directorate is implementing the following plan schemes:


1.     Release of Grants in aid to Konkani Akademi for Promotion & Development of Official Language Konkani.

2.     Grants in aid to Marathi Academy for Promotion & Development of Marathi Language.

3.     Grants in aid to Dalgado Konkani Akademi for Promotion & Development of Konkani in Roman Script.

4.     Promotion and Development of Official Language & Literature.

5.     Scheme for Publications in Official Language.

6.     Scheme of Rajbhas Prashikshan Evzonn 2008”


          The Directorate also offers following services in the State :

1.           Translation of Governmet  documents from English to Konkani and vice - versa.

2.           Translation of Governmet  documents from English to Marathi and vice  versa.


     Committees :

1.           For effective implementation of Official Language Act , Government has  constituted an Advisory Board consisting of experts in the field of Language & Literature.


2.           A Sub-Committee is appointed under the Advisory Board for Effective Implementation of Official Language Act 1987. The Sub-Committee shall study  matters relating to the use of Official Language and recommend the course of action including  notifications to be issued under Section 5 of the Official  language Act, 1987 for the purpose of effective  Implementation of the Act.


3.           In order  to  impart  the training  to  all Govt  Employees, a Committee of experts constituted, has prepared a syllabus and training will be conducted shortly. The training classes will be held at all Taluka level, in batches.  



Other Activities

Publication of State Acts & Rules in Official  Language





                  The Government has decided to translate all State Acts, Rules, Regulations etc. into Konkani and Marathi Language and accordingly, this Directorate has constituted a Panel of Translators for Konkani and Marathi Languages in order to undertake translation of State Acts, Rules, Regulations etc. and publish them into book form. The work is in progress. 




1.     Grant in aid to Goa Konkani Akademi :


The Department extends Grant-in-Aid to Goa Konkani Akademi, for undertaking various activities for the promotion and development of Konkani Language.

The Schemes include financial assistance to budding writers, publication of dictionaries, research and publication on folklores, organise tiatr/drama festival and conduct workshop on literature.

In the year 2009-2010, Rs. 55.00 lakhs were released as grants to Konkani Akademi and in the current year a provision of Rs. 71.50 lakhs has been made under this Scheme.


2)                Grant in aid to Gomantak Marathi Academy:

Marathi Academy is an institute registered under State Registration Act. It is functioning for the development of Marathi Language in the State by undertaking various schemes such as Publication of Books, Dramas, Poetry, Essay Competition at various academic levels, Compilation of Literate of Goan Marathi writers etc. This Directorate releases yearly grant to this institution. Rs. 30.00 Lakhs were released in the financial year 2009-2010 and in the current year Rs. 36.00 lakhs have been earmarked for release to the Academy.



3)                Grant in Aid to Dalgado Konkani Akademi :


              In the year 2009-2010, Rs. 15.00 lakhs were released as grants to Dalgado Konkani Akademi for undertaking literary activities in Roman script.  The works to be undertaken by the Akademi include publication of books in Roman script, conduct workshop/seminar and other literary functions. Budgetary provision of Rs. 18.00 lakhs have been made for the year 2010-11 to the Akademi.



4)                Promotion and Development of Official Language :


                             In   the   year   2009 – 2010, this   Directorate released   grants of                

               Rs.  0.50   lakh   to   Fr.  Agnel  College  of  Arts  & Commerce,  Pilar-Goa  

               for organizing  National Level Translation Event.  Grants of Rs. 6.00 lakhs

               were released to Konkan  Marathi   Parishad,   Panaji-Goa   for   organizing

               Akhil Bharatiya  SahityaSanskruti Sammelan.   Grants of  Rs. 6.00 lakhs

               were   released   towards    27th    Session  of  All  India  Konkani   Parishad   

              Sammelan which was held on 05.02.2010 to 07.02.2010 at  Sanquelim-Goa.


Also grants of Rs. 15 lakhs to Konkani Bhasha Mandal for their activities for strengthening and propagating Konkani Language  in the State and Rs. 15.00 lakhs to Vishva Konkani Parishad, Mangalore for their contribution for development of Konkani language and also for establishing Vishwa Konkani Kendra at Mangalore.


                 Grants   were   released   to  Naad   Brahma,  Vasco - da - Gama  of         

    Rs. 3.00 Lakhs for the   financial  year   2009-10    towards   production   of  

    audio C.D.containing songs on selected poems of late Shri. Bakibab  Borkar

    to  commemorate    the      Birth    Centenary  of     Shri.    Bakibab    Borkar 

    great   poet  of   Goa.    However   considering   the   quality   of  work   and

    accelerated expenditure  involved in   making  the C. D.   of selected poems

    of  late  Shri Borkar  it  has  been  decided  by   the   Government  to release 

    additional  amount  of    Rs. 2.00 lakhs   to  be  released  during current year






     5.       Scheme for Publications in Official Language:


              This Directorate has formulated a Scheme for Publication in Official Language on the subjects-Science and Technology, Sociology, Philosophy, Finance, History, Agriculture Rural Development, Information Technology etc., which has been implemented in the current year.  The Evaluation Committee is formulated for the “Publication Scheme, on the subjects - Science & Technology, Sociology, Finance, etc” and under this scheme three books were selected for the year 2009-10 and subsequently books were released in the current year. A provision of Rs. 7.00 lakhs is made under the Budget 2010-11for current year’s publication.



6.       Scheme of Rajbhas Prashikshan Evzonn 2008” :



                This Directorate has formulated a scheme  calledRajbhas Prashikshan Evzonn 2008” in order to impart in-service training to all the Government employees in Official Language.  This is intended to help to carry out all the official work in Konkani, being the Official Language of the State of Goa, as is the practice in other States.   Rs. 7.00 lakhs are provided for 2010-11 for the scheme.